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Why you won’t find Guides name here

My mailbox is overwhelmed by an unbelievable number of mails asking names of guides, “Why you don’t put names in a page?” and it’s variants are the most common. is a small project to help hikers and simple travelers finding reliable free informations about the Path of the Gods, like maps, bus timetable, best starting point depending on your place of stay and so on. As you can see there isn’t any kind of ads or name, so you know these infos are “commission-free”. The freedom of this choice is unbearable.

It will change in the future? I don’t know, I’m proud of the results (around 20.000 unique visitors, not search engines, for month and around 3 mails each day) but every minute I spend here for free is a minute less for my direct clients, a minute less for my hobbies, a minute less for my friends. I’m thinking about a donation page and/or a guide names page, probably asking a small fee. In latter way you’ll find easily the path of the Gods guide names but I won’t be able to recommend the best one for your needs. I don’t know, probably I’ll start with a donation page then, eventually if needed, I’ll take advantage of a guide names page with a fee.

If you have any idea, please let me know.

Path of the Gods buses: first timetable!

Hi all, yes, I did it! I started creating pages about path of the Gods buses! At the moment only few are avilables, one is the SITA bus timetable from Sorrento to Amalfi and viceversa. This will help you to plan you transportation on the main road from/to Sorrento, Positano, Praiano, Amalfi.

Information about travelling with bus, buying bus tickets and and lots of other stuff related to buses around the best hike around the Amalfi Coast, the path of the Gods.

While creating a page with means of transportation is an easy-peasy task, keeping it updated could be a really pain in the a…nkle. So please, always double check the timetables from the source!

SITA: path of the gods buses best choice

The SITA buses are the best option, with public transportation, to reach the path of the Gods

Next timetables will be about Salerno to Amalfi buses and, obviously, about the bus from Amalfi to path of the Gods.

Let me know how this pages could be improved.