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Bus to path of the Gods Timetables Updated ( 01 April – 11 June 2017)

Hi all, I know, I’m late. The new bus to path of the Gods timetables are on line. Please refer here and do not forget to double check these informations by yourself.

Bus timetables from 12 sep 2016 to 31 oct 2016

Sorry mates, busy period. I just uploaded the new bus timetables. You can find the bus timetable to the path of the gods in this post or here. 160912-161031-amalfi-sorrento 160912-161031-penisola-sorrentina 160912-161031-amalfi-agerola 160912-161031-positano-nocelle-praiano

A matter of seriousness.

Please guys, honestly, write down the right questions if you want the right answers 🙂

Big season, small changes.

I’m so sorry, too many tours not too many free hours to update. I just added some little informations at the page From Praiano to Nocelle, thanks Paige Miller.

Insider’s guide on how to get to path of the Gods from Positano

How to get to path of the Gods from Positano I just uploaded this first version of the guide on how to get to path of the Gods from Positano. I spent

Bus timetable: from Sorrento to Amalfi

Short post: the path of the Gods bus timetable of SITA, the main bus company between Amalfi and Sorrento. These buses go across Amalfi, Conca de’ Marini, Praiano, Positano, Sorrento and back.