Inside the Path of the Gods

Who can deal with the Path of the Gods?

How old are you? seriously, 16? 36? 70? it doesn’t matter! if you are in good health, do not hesitate… Do it!

Why should you do it & What is the Path of the Gods?

Because whether keen on hiking or not, the Path of the Gods, set in stunning natural beauty, is a must to see, at least for who wants to deeply dig into the marvels of the Amalfi Coast. From the Path of the Gods it is possible to admire one of the most striking panoramas on Earth: halfway up the hill the path crosses, from Bomerano to Nocelle (Nocella), through the most fascinating gorges, cliffs and precipices of the Amalfi Coast. An incomparable overview of the coast from Punta Licosa, in the Cilento (part of the province of Salerno that lies on the south of the Amalfi Coast) to the Island of Capri,an ancient natural extension of Punta Campanella (watershed between the gulfs of Naples and Salerno) where the Athena loop trail, another wonderful hike, lays. The name, a little exaggerated, is due to some aerial exposed part of the path, the magnificent wide views of the sea and splendid hamlets of Vettica Maggiore (Praiano) and Furore located just below the path. From above you can admire, impending over the sea, the extremely steep and wild noses of “Sant’Angelo a Tre Pizzi”, the highest summit of the Sorrento Peninsula. The Path of the Gods, despite of the name, is an extraordinary monument to the boundless obstinacy and exertion of the humankind that, throughout the ages, has been able to colonize even the most impracticable places on the Amalfi Coast. Today, shepherds, woodsmen and farmers still use the path as it lays through hundreds of dry stonewalls, vegetable gardens, woods, lemon groves and old vineyards stolen to the mountain. Beside the path, you find caves and terraces dropping from the cliffs to the sea and deep valleys. The caves host pens, folds, depots and other constructions. Of the vertical faces, with a dolomitic look overlooking the path, you’ll admire their elegant glides, gulls, crows, peregrine and kestrel falcons, coming out their aeries.

Where to start the Path of the Gods & ______How can I reach the starting point?

You have been reading a lot of information about the Path of the Gods but still don’t know which is the best starting point or how to get there, if you should take a bus along the coastal road and then walk or if there is any direct bus to reach the starting point… annoying! The Path of the Gods runs from east to west between the hamlet of Nocelle, the highest neighborhood of Positano, and Bomerano, the Agerola’s district which lies just behind the Path of the Gods. Deciding where and how to start the hike depends on where along the Amalfi Coast you’re staying and/or where are you going to stay. So which direction will you take? How will you reach the start point (and maybe coming back)? We thought that dedicated pages, fullfilled of information, would be appreciated and helpful. Give a look to those pages, east to west or west to east and if you still need help don’t be silly, don’t hesitate, contact us.

When is the best time to do the path?

The Path of the Gods is doable all year long. There are not any hidden dangers in doing it, neither during a cold winter or a really hot summer.

Winter Pros: crystal clear view, only few people along the path. So go on, indulge yourself at midday (a sunny one). That’s right, kick off your shoes, put your feet up. Lean back and just enjoy the show. Cons: rain and cold wind could ruin a wonderful day or the whole week!
Spring Pros: damn spectacular blooming wild orchids included. Smells, colours, sounds (the awakening of the animals fill the air with sounds) will surround you. Cons: weather can change quickly, a raincoat could help a lot.
Summer Pros: the blooming period will last during the whole summer, specially annual flowers (they must be sexy before the end of love season πŸ˜‰ ). Cons: first afternoon really hot, the path and buses are crowded in some days, specially weekends. Don’t forget water!
Fall Pros: The blend of brilliant autumn foliage, coupled with cooler temperatures and an occasional gentle breeze, gives an unforgettable experience. Cons: in late fall wind could be quite annoying. Buses are not so frequent.
Would you like an help against cons? contact a local guide. A local guide could help you to find the right way to do the path, forgetting the cons. Maps, trailbooks and tons of tips and tricks in the east to west or west to east pages πŸ˜‰

18 Responses to Inside the Path of the Gods

  1. Mike Freeman says:

    Hiked the high trail from Praiano to Nocelle. It’s not for everyone. It is not for beginners. It is challenging with a lot of elevation gain. I live in a mountainous area and hike a lot. Loved this hike but I’m glad my traveling companions didn’t come with.

  2. Mary says:

    Would trainers suffice for this walk or are hiking boots necessary?

    • While for a bet I did in bare foot hiking boots highly recommended. Trainers will suffice, sure, but, again, hiking boots highly recommended :mrgreen:
      (To preserve the usability of these pages I’ll move this reply in the FAQ section in a couple of months)

  3. Jenna says:

    Hi – We will be visiting family near Naples for Easter in April and taking 2 days during to visit the coast, staying in Ravello. We’ve stayed on the Amalfi coast before, but never made it to the Path of Gods. What would be your best suggestion for a starting point and ending point that gets us closest to Ravello. We plan drive from Ravello to the ending point and then book private transport to get us to the starting point so we can head easily back to Ravello for the night. Thank you!

    • I’d catch a bus from Ravello to Amalfi and from there another from Amalfi to Bomerano (first morning is the best, sooooo around 08:00 from Amalfi). From Nocelle you can easily come back with public transports but you’ll invest more than 2hrs to reach again Ravello. You can easily contact private transfer (just google “private transfer TOWN” and you’ll be overwhelmed of results, ask price from Nocelle to Ravello).Some more details here

      (To preserve the usability of these pages I’ll move this reply in the FAQ section or in the Guestbook in about a couple of months)

  4. Lienke says:

    Hi ! This walk seems amazing ! Do you have to walk it with a guide/on a tour or can you do it on your own ?

  5. Dave Shenton says:

    Hi, some of the pictures I’ve seen show some very sheer drops – is the route safe for children to walk or for anybody with a slight fear of heights ?

    • Hi Dave,
      for children… I did a tour last week with 6 children aged between 7 and 11. I let them be just in front of me for the first part, up to Colle Serra, to let them experience the “discovering”. From there I asked the parents to keep an eye on them because they wanted to do the lower part of the path, the most exposed, not recommended for people suffering of vertigo. If your children are hikers, I mean educated to walk on trails, no worries, go ahead, just keep an eye on them after Colle Serra, otherwise choose the higher option. For heights, choose higher path in Colle Serra, you won’t regret.

      Remember that a local, fully authorized and professional, guide can help you from the beginning to the end, even to fight your vertigo, and could change your experience from amazing to life lasting.

      If you need further infos just ask, I’m not always online but I’ll try do reply ASAP.

  6. Nina Pietroiusti says:

    Hi, great website! I was just wondering what the distances of the hikes are in kilometres or times. Also, are the trails well marked or is a GPS or map necessary. Thanks

    • Ciao Nina,
      thanks, I’ll do my best. I try to avoid distances in time, I don’t know how fit you are neither how your pace is, the “net” lenght of the path of the gods is, from Bomerano to Nocelle, about 6km. The trail is well marked and you don’t need the gps*, well frequentedquite crowded after 10:00, even more during weekends. You can find a link to a Path of the Gods map

      Enjoy your hike and consider hiring a professional local guide. They could change your point of view deeply.

      *sometime people use to write they got lost on the walk of the Gods… listen, it is quite impossible even for a newbie hiker, Bomerano to Nocelle and all the east to west routes of the path of the Gods, keep the sea on your left side viceversa, Nocelle to Bomerano and all the walks from west to east, keep the sea on your right side.

  7. Jennifer says:

    A group of friends and I are planning on going to walk the path soon and we are leaving from naples. What is the best route to hike and where should i park?

    • Hi Jennifer,
      probably your best option is, with your own car, you could get the road to Agerola from Castellammare di Stabia/Gragnano. Once you finish the highway from Naples you’ll find a brown road sign indicating “Costiera Amalfitana” turn on the right. Follow the signs to Agerola, the road is same-same but different from the Amalfi Coast, same curvy, different nature, once you start to climb the hill you can’t miss Agerola, after the tunnel ask for Bomerano and the parking. 35km of bends, if you do in less than 90mins you are not brave, you are something different
      In Bomerano, near piazza Capasso there is a free parking.
      Enjoy your hike and remember that a local professional guide could change a wonderful day in a lifelasting memory πŸ˜‰

  8. David says:

    Hi if we are driving from Sorrento, where is best to park the car and then walk E to W or W to E. After the walk, how best to get back to the car where it is parked?

    Grazie mille

    • Hi David,
      if you read some of the comments you are now aware you could find traffic jam. Read through the comments, I already suggested a boat trip, a little more expensive than bus but, hey, you are on holiday! Said that, best option for W-E is in Nocelle: just after the hills above Sorrento you’ll enjoy (early birds enjoy more) the curvy SS163 for about 7km, first crossroad on your left side will bring you to Nocelle after other 5km, go straight ahead, you can’t miss it, Nocelle is at the very end. Now, once there, you could be lucky and found a free parking lot, with free I mean without car, the price, if I recall correctly is about 3€/hr. If is not your day you can turn back and find a spot near the bridge. It’s free but I can’t assure about fines, sometimes cars are parked in savage way, locals are pissed off, call the police, policeman arrives and give tickets… the start point of the path of the Gods from Nocelle is just underneath the parking lot. Once in Bomerano you can get a bus to Amalfi, from there to Positano and, once there, another local bus (Mobility Amalfi Coast, orange buses) to Nocelle.

      E-W, in Bomerano, Agerola, there is a big free parking, just ask when in Agerola where is Bomerano / Piazza Capasso. From Sorrento you have two choices: first one, go along the Amalfi Coast (SS163, as above) up to 2km from Amalfi and then follow the directions for Agerola, is a journey of over 40km. I tell you this: if you do in less than 90mins you are risking your life πŸ˜‰ The road to Agerola / Bomerano is hairpings heaven, once on the top just ask for the parking near Piazza Capasso in Bomerano. The path is just 150m from there, just ask. Second one, go back to Vico Equense, Castellammare di Stabia, Gragnano, Agerola. The road is same-same but different from the Amalfi Coast, same curvy, different nature, once you start to climb the hill you can’t miss Agerola, after the tunnel ask for Bomerano and the parking. 35km of bends, same of above, less than 90mins? you are not brave, you are something different πŸ˜‰
      Once in Nocelle, as written here, at the end of the path from Bomerano to Nocelle page, the option is to catch a SITA bus to Amalfi and then another one to Bomerano, check this timetable that can help you to plan how to reach the walk of the Gods from Sorrento to Amalfi.

      I don’t change my mind, as a local: boats.

      If you don’t like the boat try to hire a local authorized guide, they’ll really enjoy to tailor the tour around the customer’s needs and necessities. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with locals.

      Take care and enjoy your hike!


  9. Julie Wood says:

    Does the path go through any villages where we can buy more water if necessary?

    • Hi Julie,
      short answer: no
      long answer: no but just at the beginning of the path, considering your start in Bomerano and finish in Nocelle, there are public funtains and bars. The path is less than 6km and just after 2km, Colle Serra junction, there is also another public fountain. By the way a bottle of 1.5lt will be more than enough for most people (don’t do it at noon during summer, the path face to south all way long, could be really hot!).

      Watch your step and have a nice hike!

  10. sam lacquaniti says:

    this area is simply amazing. If you want a preview of heaven you must visit the Amalfi coast

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