From Marina di Praia to Bomerano

Pay attention due to map and software updating the above info could be not precise. Take it as an generic overview.
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2 Responses to From Marina di Praia to Bomerano

  1. Nick says:

    Hi, I noticed you did not have the detailed instructions for the path from Marina di Praia to Bomerano (E to A). Is it a well-marked path we would be able to find? And what is the approximate time for that hike?

    • Hi Nick,
      short answer: probably not and it depends.
      I’ll be pleased to reply in a more specific way but, please, make a new request with a working mail address. Probably you did a typo with address you set (n*

      Why not a full reply here? because I use to add 2-3 local professional guide names in the private replies (something you can easily ignore btw 😉 ). Thank you for your comprehension.

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