West to East

West to east, the toughest direction, especially during hot day (do not forget some water), having much of astonishing panorama behind of you let’s you concentrate on small details like tiny flowers or bugs houses, if you haven’t eagle’s eyesight a local guide will help you a lot. Remember you’ll have the sun in front of you during the morning. In the afternoon the sun will warm you until the sunset behind Capri island and you’ll be able to enjoy the sunset “golden hour” (when lighting is softer, more diffuse, and warmer in hue).

Maps avalaible here, thanks to Giovanni Visetti.

A Google maps overview is just below, take it is a merely overview of the paths. Clicking on your choosen path and you’ll be redirected on the further informations and the trailbooks pages. Oh, do not forget, if you still need more information, feel uncomfortable to plan your hike or desire an unique, and authentic, experience consider the idea (a really smart one) of contacting a professional local guide.

From Nocelle (Positano) to Bomerano (Agerola) [B to A]
From Nocelle (Positano) to Praiano [B to C]
From Nocelle (Positano) to Vettica Maggiore (Praiano) [B to D]
From Praiano to Bomerano (Agerola) [C to A]
From Marina di Praia (Praiano) to Bomerano (Agerola) [E to A] (this path should be taken as a link from Bomerano to Marina di Praia – Praiano)
From Vettica Maggiore (Praiano) to Bomerano (Agerola) [D to A]
From Vettica Maggiore (Praiano) to Praiano [D to C]

Pay attention due to map and software updating the above info could be not precise. Take it as an generic overview.
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