From Vettica Maggiore to Nocelle

An interesting path, especially for who stay in Praiano o Vettica Maggiore (Praiano). You’ll do the most scenographic part of the traditional Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods) with the S. Domenico convent bonus. Quite steep the path starts from about 100 mamsl (S. Gennaro’s church in Vettica Maggiore, Praiano) to 570 mamsl (Colle Serra crossroad). The steps here are everywhere and only if you feel really healthy you should do in hot day and you should think on it also in cool days too.

So, let’s start! from Vettica Maggiore, Praiano, just above the S. Gennaro’s church in piazzetta G. Gagliano where in less than 50m you’ll have: SITA bus stop, grocery, bars, tourism office and so on 🙂 ; leaving the seaside behind you get via Francesco Russo on the right, after few steps turn on the left in via degli Ulivi and again on the left at next crossroad, afterwards choose right on via Croce, this will end at the beginning of the path. After the fountain the stairs will bring you up of 200m of height to the Convent of  S. Domenico (XV c.). Looking at the end of the coast the path on the left lays the path to the Path of the Gods, take it, and keep left after the small natural arch. Pay attention on the exposed area and then, after few bends a gentle slope will end in a crossroad, choose left to Nocelle (right if for Bomerano (Agerola) or Praiano).

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  • go right keeping the seaside on your right. Less than 500m and you’ll find a crossroad with a sign indicating “Nocelle Positano Praiano”, keep the stone step on your left, then left and left again (if you turn right you’ll arrive in Bomerano, Agerola along the traditional Path of the Gods), be careful on the rocky path, past an abandoned building a little higher than 600m; afterwards, after some terraces, go down till you meet the lower trail at Cisternuolo crossroad, about an altitude of 540m, there is a sign indicating just “Nocelle Positano”, keep right and go ahead to Nocelle.

From here you can’t loose yourself, at least not easily, just keep in mind these hints:
1. stay on the wide path.
2. keep the sea on your left side.
3. don’t climb in the bush.
4. don’t jump down! Seriously, don’t do it. Looking at some funny folks of the past we strongly advise against jumping down if you haven’t self levitation ability 😉

Once in Nocelle you’ll have three choices:

    • 1st, reach main road between Amalfi and Sorrento by foot: walk down to Arienzo, a neighbour of Positano, where you’ll find the main road and the SITA bus stop from/to Amalfi and/or Sorrento. But brace yourself, about 1.700 steps lay between Nocelle and Arienzo, your knees and ankles could ask you a day off after that 😉
      Just at the end of the path of the Gods you’ll arrive at a cross junction, there is also a public fountain there with fresh drinkable water, keep going down after some steps (“some steps” in Positano means around one hundred) you’ll reach the church of Maria SS. del Carmelo. Having the sea in front of you on your right side there are… “the steps” (read it in your mind with Morgan Freeman’s voice, interesting, isn’t it? :D)


    • 2nd, continue to Montepertuso hamlet: at the fountain above described, keep right and walk along the concrete path, in less than 700m you’ll reach the asphalt road. From here, keeping the seaside on your left, in about 1.300m you’ll arrive in Montepertuso (Montepertuso means mountain with a hole in italian, the Monte Gambera is that one). Be careful at two things: 1. fast local pilots 2. when walking along the road pay attention where your feet are placed, holes on both sides of the road are not uncommon and, for sure, you prefer a picture of the Path of the Gods instead of an x-ray for dislocation as a memory of the hike.


    • 3rd, reach the Nocelle bus stop and catch one to go downtown Positano: as above, along the concrete path, just after a grocery (lay on left side) you’ll see stone steps on the right, keep it and after some steps (do not forget, “some steps” in Positano means around one hundred) you’ll arrive in the parking, keep going on the asphalt road, after 50m you’ll see a yellow sign with the timetable. You can buy ticket in the grocery above mentioned, on the bus is more expensive.

This path start from point D and finish to B in the map below.

Pay attention due to map and software updating the above info could be not precise. Take it as an generic overview.
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