From Praiano to Vettica Maggiore

The shortest and steepest of the paths here described. From about 220 mamsl (S.Luca’s church in Praiano) to 570 mamsl (Colle Serra crossroad) and back to about 200 mamsl (S. Gennaro’s church in Vettica di Praiano). The steps here are everywhere and only if you feel really healthy you should do in hot day and you should think on it also in cool days too.

Most frequented by most who stay in Praiano o Vettica Maggiore (Praiano) you’ll do just a really short part of the traditional Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods) but, don’t worry, without loosing your “wow”, “unbelievable”, “amazing”, “stunning” exclamation 😉

It start from Praiano, just above the S. Luca’s church and soccer field, in front of the church of S. Maria di Costantinopoli. On the asphalt road go on the right and uphill for less than 300m, you’ll see the church of S. Luca on your right/seaside, at this point on your left there is a steep stairway, take it! at the end of it starts the path, choose left and after 250m the path heads right around the ridge. Keep going straight ahead having the sea on your left side, you’ll reach a water tank just underneath the rock, then hundreds of steps will join you in this little “climb”. After that a mild slope will transport you up trough a muletrack to Colle Serra junction (walk carefully on the slopes).

[collapse id=”collapse_44″][citem title=”Would you add a short ring on higher and lower Path of the Gods? Click me!” id=”citem_71″ parent=”collapse_44″]Time to choose! clockwise or counterclockwise?

  • clockwise option:  go ahead keeping the seaside on your left. Less than 500m and you’ll find San Domenico convent junction, keep right (at left you’ll reach Vettica Maggiore, Praiano) and enjoy the breathtaking, wide open. Last crossroads, Cisternuolo, lay after about 1.050m, there is a sign indicating just “Nocelle Positano”, keep right and go up. Watch your step sometime is quite slippery. You’ll go through a well marked path and then terraces, past the abandoned building watch your step in the rocky slope, at the end of wich Colle Serra junction lay. First cross keep right (choosing left means Bomerano, Agerola along the traditional Path of the Gods), then right again (left/ahead is a private property), some stone steps and you’ll reach the junction you met before, keep right again till S. Domenico junction;
  • counterclockwise option: just go on the right, after some stone steps keep left and stay left (if you turn right you’ll arrive in Bomerano, Agerola along the traditional Path of the Gods) past an abandoned building a little higher than 600m; afterwards, after some terraces, go down till you meet the lower trail at Cisternuolo, about an altitude of 540m, there is a sign indicating just “Nocelle Positano”, keep left and go down. Pay attention to this rocky part of the path. Enjoy this “oh my God” wide open view and go straight ahead up to the S. Domenico junction.


Go ahead keeping the seaside on your left (if you choose up/right on stone steps you’ll arrive in a second junction where you can choose higher Path of the Gods, left, or Bomerano, Agerola, right) and in less than 500m and you’ll find San Domenico convent junction, keep left on the gentle slope, after several bends (pay attention on exposed areas) you’ll reach a small natural arch, from here keep right and in less than 100m the convent will appear. The stairs just under the Convent of S. Domenico will bring you down of 200m of height, after a fountain will begin a pedestrian only road (also if you see some motorbikes, is a pedestrian only road 🙂 ), is via Croce, follow it, then keep the same direction through via degli Ulivi, go on up to via Costantinopoli crossroad, go downstairs up to Via Francesco Russo, choose right, few meters and you are done. In this place you have, in less than 50m, SITA bus stop, grocery, bars, tourism office and so on.

This path start from point C and finish to D in the map below.

Pay attention due to map and software updating the above info could be not precise. Take it as an generic overview.
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