From Praiano to Nocelle

This is not the main path, but give you the best part of it. Most frequented by people who stay in Praiano or Vettica Maggiore.  Walking this trail from east to west is the best choice, at least is what I think, the stunning panoramas from the pass of Colle Serra (~580 mamsl, meter above mean sea level) up to Nocelle, Nocella originally, (~430 mamsl) won’t leave you, never. But the steps are many and the first part of the path could be a little tough during hottest periods of the year.

We suppose you are in Praiano and we also suppose you are just in front of the church of S. Maria di Costantinopoli. On the asphalt road (via Costantinopoli) go on the right and uphill for less than 300m, you’ll see the church of S. Luca on your right/seaside,  at this point on your left there is a steep stairway (if you arrived in via Trivio you went too far), take it! at the end of it starts the path, choose left and after 250m the path heads right around the ridge. Keep going straight ahead having the sea on your left side, you’ll reach a water tank just underneath the rock, then hundreds of steps will join you in this little “climb”. After that a mild slope will transport you up trough a muletrack to Colle Serra junction (walk carefully on the slopes). Now is time to choose! which will be the rest of your Path of the Gods? lower or higher?

  • higher trail: just go on the right, after some stone steps keep left and stay left (if you turn right you’ll arrive in Bomerano, Agerola) past an abandoned building a little higher than 600m; afterwards go down till you meet the lower trail at Cisternuolo, about an altitude of 540m, this option is a little bit rocky but less “up and down”. Keep going straight ahead, seaside on your left, to reach Nocelle;
  • lower option:  go ahead keeping the seaside on your left. Less than 500m and you’ll find San Domenico convent junction, keep right (at left you’ll reach Vettica Maggiore, Praiano) and enjoy the breathtaking, wide open. Last crossroads, Cisternuolo, lay after about 1.050m, keep going straight ahead to reach Nocelle.

From here you can’t loose yourself, at least not easily, just keep in mind these hints:
1. stay on the wide path.
2. keep the sea on your left side.
3. don’t climb in the bush.
4. don’t jump down! Seriously, don’t do it. Looking at some funny folks of the past we strongly advise against jumping down if you haven’t self levitation ability 😉

Once in Nocelle you’ll have three choices:

    • 1st, reach main road between Amalfi and Sorrento by foot: walk down to Arienzo, a neighbour of Positano, where you’ll find the main road and the SITA bus stop from/to Amalfi and/or Sorrento. But brace yourself, about 1.700 steps lay between Nocelle and Arienzo, your knees and ankles could ask you a day off after that 😉
      Just at the end of the path of the Gods you’ll arrive at a cross junction, there is also a public fountain there with fresh drinkable water, keep going down after some steps (“some steps” in Positano means around one hundred) you’ll reach the church of Maria SS. del Carmelo. Having the sea in front of you on your right side there are… “the steps” (read it in your mind with Morgan Freeman’s voice, interesting, isn’t it? :D)


    • 2nd, continue to Montepertuso hamlet: at the fountain above described, keep right and walk along the concrete path, in less than 700m you’ll reach the asphalt road. From here, keeping the seaside on your left, in about 1.300m you’ll arrive in Montepertuso (Montepertuso means mountain with a hole in italian, the Monte Gambera is that one). Be careful at two things: 1. fast local pilots 2. when walking along the road pay attention where your feet are placed, holes on both sides of the road are not uncommon and, for sure, you prefer a picture of the Path of the Gods instead of an x-ray for dislocation as a memory of the hike.


  • 3rd, reach the Nocelle bus stop and catch one to go downtown Positano: as above, along the concrete path, just after a grocery (lay on left side) you’ll see stone steps on the right, keep it and after some steps (do not forget, “some steps” in Positano means around one hundred) you’ll arrive in the parking, keep going on the asphalt road, after 50m you’ll see a yellow sign with the timetable. You can buy ticket in the grocery above mentioned, on the bus is more expensive.

This path start from point C and finish to B in the map below.

Pay attention due to map and software updating the above info could be not precise. Take it as an generic overview.
Hoping these information helped you in some way. A better free information is a priority, just in pair with the quality of service we sell so, if you think there are errors or you have tips on how to improve these pages, invest a minute to write and tell us, it will be really appreciated not only by us but by also all the people who will reach this site.

8 Responses to From Praiano to Nocelle

  1. Irene Rochon says:

    Pretty sure I know the answer to this, but….can a 4 year old do this hike? Even if I plan to carry her on my back for part of it? I’ll be staying in Nocelle and really just want to take a short walk along the coast for views, no need to actually arrive at a new vilkiage, although not opposed to it. Thanks!

  2. Paige says:

    Hello! A few questions- which Path – the higher or lower – is wider generally or provides handrails? I have very very slight vertigo but determined to do this beautiful hike!! Additionally, from Praiano, which path up to the hike is less stairs or less steep? Finally, how long does the hike typically take from Praiano? We are physically fit! Thanks!

    • Ciao Paige, no handrails for almost all the path. And where you’ll find. .. do not trust the handrails,no maintenance was done in The Last 10 years. If you suffer of vertigo higher is better.
      Less steep through San Domenico but your vertigo suggest to choose the other side, bigger stairs less vertical cliff.
      For how long it’s up to you, I’m not fit by my standards and I can do in 60/70 mins, I had a really fit (by their standads) group in June, they did in 3hrs. The hike will be around 6km.

      (To preserve the usability of these pages I’ll move this reply in the FAQ section or in the Guestbook in about a couple of months)

  3. Michelle says:

    Wow! What a great site, very informative!
    I will be staying in Positano next week and have this hike on my to do list! I would rather do the hike East to West (as suggested here) and am wondering what’s the best and an inexpensive way to travel from Positano to one of the start points. I was thinking about taking the SITA bus from Positano to Praiano but am open to other suggestions. I’d also like to start the hike as early in the morning as possible (before 7am) to beat the heat but don’t know what time the busses start running. Any tips?

  4. Chris Vitolo says:

    Hi, my wife (who is pregnant) and I are mulling which trails are the best. We like the idea of Nocelle to Praiano but not sure if she will be able to do it. How long is the Nocelle to Praiano trail??

    Many Thanks,

    • Hi Chris,
      none of the trails in this site should be suitable for a pregnant woman but, a couple of years ago, a three months pregnant girl did the whole path from Bomerano to Nocelle. She was an experienced trekker, she was really fit so it’s really up to you but, before making a decision, you have to understand that PG (Path of the Gods) it isn’t a comfortable path. It isn’t wide, it’s full of steps (all different), fully exposed to south (could be hot)…

      For the trail you mentioned, Nocelle to Praiano, the last part, after Colle Serra, is really tough, hundreds of steps all different… Let me suggest this: wherever you stay, Positano or Praiano, try one of the stairs you can find around you and do it, if you feel comfortable you can think on doing PG. Then, just my thought, I’d go to Bomerano and starts from there up to Colle Serra (the first junction along PG). This part is wider and easier, while there are some advices, some slippery steps, about how tough could be the whole path. If you’ll find any difficulties would be also easier to go back the same way. Trust me, you’ll enjoy more.

      Remember that hiking with a local professional guide will change deeply your experience 😉

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