East to West

East to west, the easiest way, with the whole stunning panorama always in front of you. The path goes up and down from ~630 mamsl (metres above mean sea level) of Bomerano to ~430 mamsl of Nocelle. You’ll have the sun behind you in the morning, better pictures ;). In the afternoon the sun will warm, and during summertime will burn, you until the sunset behind Capri island.

Walking the path in this direction (from Agerola or Praiano to Positano) tends to be slightly more downhill then walking in the other direction.

A really good map, thanks to Giovanni Visetti, is avalaible here.

A Google maps overview is just below, take it is a merely overview of the paths. For further informations and the trailbooks click on your choosen path and don’t forget: if you need more info, or want an authentic, unique, experience consider the idea of contacting a professional local guide, at least a good one 😉

From Bomerano (Agerola) to Nocelle (Positano) [A to B]
From Bomerano (Agerola) to Praiano [A to C]
From Bomerano (Agerola) to Vettica Maggiore (Praiano) [A to D]
From Praiano to Nocelle (Positano) [C to B]
From Praiano to Vettica Maggiore (Praiano) [C to D]
From Vettica Maggiore (Praiano) to Nocelle (Positano) [D to B]
From Bomerano (Agerola) to Marina di Praia (Praiano) [A to E] (this path should be taken as a link from Praiano and Bomerano)

Pay attention due to map and software updating the above info could be not precise. Take it as an generic overview.
Hoping these information helped you in some way. At Amalfi Coast Inside Guide think that a better free information is a priority, just in pair with the quality of service we sell so, if you think there are errors or you have tips on how to improve these pages, invest a minute to write and tell us, it will be really appreciated not only by us but by also all the people who will reach this site.

3 Responses to East to West

  1. Brian Douglas says:

    Thank you for the maps and all the info. I entered from the main road (letter E) from Praiano.. the sign said 1:30 to Bomerano.. it went striaght up the mountain.. I ran this to the start in Bomerano in 45 min.. I stopped and purchased an apple from a store in Bomerano then entered the Path.. I used your pictures to find the entrances to the path and stay on the right track.. once I started I chose the high path (using your pictures again).. The path was straight forward once you actually started it and got past the starting confusion (which there wasn’t any because of all your maps and picture. Without out them I may have had to back track a bit). I ran the complete path in 58 min stopping midway to preform a bodyweight workout and shoot a video of it as well.. once I arrived at Nocella I stopped and had a juice at the bar right at the end. I went down all the steps back to the main road in about 14 min. I didn’t have a bus ticket and the driver couldn’t sell me one on the spot (silly). I didn’t feel like walking back to Positano to find a store and buy a ticket so I just walked the main highway back to where I was staying in Praiano. What an amazing experience.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Brian,
      I know what you mean. I used to live in Nocelle up to 2015 and, 3/4 times a week, I used to run to Bomerano and buy fresh bread and vegetables.
      Unfortunately politicians wanted to put hands everywhere, also in stuff they ignore, like signs with a “travelling time”. These times are absolutely false. I try to avoid giving times because what is, for people like me and you, a 45mins run could be a 4 hours for others…

      The first part from Praiano to Bomerano, 45 mins, means you are really fit. Indeed. Compliments. For the tickets on bus, yes, you are right, it is quite silly.

      You are welcome and if you think I can improve these informations just let me know.

  2. Kari Selkälä says:

    Me and my wife walked the Path of Gods from Praiano to Positano via Nochelle Oct 2nd, 2015. The steep stairs at the beginning made us sweat, but luckily after appr. 1 hour we found water tap. After some snacks we got our speed up. We reached the kiosk at Nochelle after 3 hours and 12,5 km. After drinks we continued all the way to the beach in Positano and took a dip into the sea. The meter now told we had walked kestot 19 km from our hotel Le Fioriere in Praiano.
    The view. goats on the way and nice people along the path made this walk memorable!

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