How do we get back and forth between Sorrento and the trail?

Let me see, from Sorrento you have more than a couple of choices:
1 you can catch the SITA bus to Amalfi, then another SITA bus to Bomerano (cheap, around  5.0€, but stressful);
2 you can catch the SITA bus to Amalfi, then another SEA bus to Bomerano (cheap, around  9.0€, less stressful);
3 get a private transfer from Sorrento directly to Bomerano (quite expensive, around €120);
4 get the boat from Sorrento to Amalfi (around €20) then a SITA or SEA bus (1.80€/7.00€) or private transfer (last time asked me €80 ) to Bomerano;

The best way to do the path of the gods is to start from Bomerano, so East-West. These because you have the best panorama just in front of you, and if you set in the morning you have the sun behind you. So, start in Bomerano, finishing in Positano, catch a boat there to Sorrento.

If you start directly from Sorrento SITA bus station you can get the bus, but only because you can find seats otherwise you have to stand for 90mins of narrow curves. No way even for locals. For sure you will find some difficulties in Amalfi to find a seats in the SITA bus to Bomerano.

My thought on private transfer is:  it depends on how many of you are, I mean if you are six of you, for example, you can share the price of a private transfer, it would be €20 per person from Sorrento to Bomerano (one way). Private van, AC, starts at the time you prefer… it isn’t properly a big deal but surely will be  more comfortable.

To avoid the traffic jam along the Amalfi Coast (even plus 2hrs on your scheduled timetable) there is another option: get the local train/bus or private transfer to Bomerano from Naples side. It isn’t the same panorama but you will not stuck in the traffic. Train/BUS:You have to catch the local train (circumvesuviana) to Castellammare and then and then a bus (SITA) to Bomerano. With private transfer it is around one hour, with the bus around two/two and half hours.

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