How to get to the path of the gods from Rome [even in a day trip]

How to get to the path of the Gods from Rome

How to get to the path of the gods from Rome? maybe doing in a day trip? Be sincere, these questions are in your thoughts since the first day you were planning your travel in Italy, isn’t it? And the answer is: yes sir, there is a way but I’ve to inform you: thinking to do the path of the gods from Rome in one day is for brave people. Indeed. I mean you’ll have to catch three trains, three buses and, at least, face 8 hours of transportation to go and come back from Roma Termini (Rome main train station) and the trail of the Gods.

First of all, you have to understand something really basic: if you miss the coincidence of Naples or Castellammare di Stabia bus you are 90% screwed. Maybe 95%. You’ll have to change your well organized trip, according to your delay, with a plan C. Yes, plan C, because your plan B, if you miss the Napoli bus, is already here. Now you are advised, blame yourself or the Dunning-Kruger effect (a cognitive bias wherein persons of low ability suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their cognitive ability as greater than it is) if you won’t consider everything carefully. This is the case where hiring a local professional guide will solve any annoying problem you could encounter.

So be early, in Naples/Castellammare di Stabia, arrive at least 20 minutes before the SITA bus departs from there to the starting point of the hike of the Gods in Agerola and drop off in Bomerano. Timetables from Naples to the path of the Gods starting point is here, bus code is 5080 but, please, always double check these infos, could change in a blink of an eye.

Syllabus on how to get to the path of the gods from Rome:

Roma Termini: main train station in Rome
Roma Tiburtina: secondary train station in Rome
Napoli Centrale: main train station in Naples
Bomerano: neighborhood of Agerola, where the walk of the Gods starts
Circumvesuviana: local railway line
SITA: main bus company
[A/B]: direction for the A/B plan


.catch the train from Roma Termini (or Roma Tiburtina) to Napoli Centrale (70 mins) [from 11.70€ ]
.[A] buy the tickets for SITA buses (5-10 mins) [3.90€]
.[A] walk up to the SITA bus stop (5-10 mins)
.[A] catch the bus from Naples to Agerola, ask for Bomerano stop (120 min)
.[B] buy the tickets for Circumvesuviana local train from Naples to Castellammare di Stabia (5-10 mins) [3.90€]
.[B] walk up to the Circumvesuviana local train stop (5-10 mins)
.[B] catch the  Circumvesuviana train to Castellammare di Stabia (Via Nocera) (45-50 mins)
.[B] walk up to the SITA buses stop (5-10 mins)
.[B] catch the bus to Agerola, ask for Bomerano stop (55-60 mins) [included in the Circumvesuviana ticket]
.have a pee stop in Bomerano (get a coffee and a pastry)
.do the path of the Gods from Rome
.catch bus/es/private transfer from Positano to Sorrento (40-120 mins) [SITA = 4.70€ included Circumvesuviana, up to 80€ for private transfer]
.catch Circumvesuviana train from Sorrento to Naples (70 mins) [3.90€ if you do only this]
.train from Napoli Centrale to Roma Termini (or Roma Tiburtina) (70 mins) [from 11.70€ ]

How to get to the path of the gods from Rome - Stazione TerminiHow to get to the path of the gods from Rome masterplan

I can’t emphasize this enough: buying the damn train ticket in advance let you have a discount, even 50%, you can buy it from their website. There are two train operators from Rome to Naples: Trenitalia or Italo Treno. Remember you can’t reach directly the path of the Gods with a train from Rome or Naples, you have to change train and catch bus/es. Keep it in mind.

So, from Roma Termini (or Roma Tiburtina) catch the train to Napoli Centrale, in just a little more than an hour you’ll be in Naples.

Plan A

Once in Napoli Centrale, next step on how to get to the path of the gods from Rome will be buy SITA bus tickets because you can’t buy on the bus!. Every tobacconist or newsstand in Napoli Centrale should sell the tickets. Ask for a ticket from Napoli to Agerola (it is Agèrola, not Ageròla).

Now you have to find the bus stop. Here there is a link to Google maps and the GPS coordinates [ 40°51’01.7″N 14°16’30.8″E ]. While I am a truly passionate about GPS technology I’ve to admit that some terminals, some noob behaviour and other things could, using GPS, represent a problem figuring out where the stop truly is. These are the main reasons why I also added a Gmaps link and a printable map is coming.

Remember that these infos will suffice to find your way but if you want a printable, detailed guide, you can buy here at really affordable price.

So if you want to hike the path of the Gods from Rome you now have to go out the station and, having the main place (Piazza Garibaldi) in front of you, turn left and follow the main road for about 450m. After the roundabout you’ll see the Ramada hotel. The bus stop is just outside the hotel. Cross the road and wait patiently the bus. Usually SITA buses are on time. Before jump into the bus ask the driver if is the bus to Agerola (remember the pronunciation).

Once in the bus, relax, you’ll face a barely two hours of road. The first part is on highway, quite boring but if you look at your left, there is the Vesuvius and then Pompeii. The second part, from Castellammare di Stabia, is a hill climbing up to Agerola. Quite tough for people suffering from motion sickness*.

Plan B

How to get to the path of the gods from Rome - Circumvesuviana Via Nocera

You miss it? did you f*ing miss the bus from Naples to Bomerano? I told you. In your face!

I’m joking, everyone, as Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith used to say, loves it when a plan comes together. Sometime it just doesn’t happen. Well, let’s figure out. You are still in Naples, go back to the train station and go underneath, look for Circumvesuviana station and ask for trains to Sorrento. Should be on track 3, afaik in the last 30 years was always there. Double check it. Once in the Circumvesuviana train enjoy the noisy ride. On your right the sunny gulf of Naples and after Hercolaneum you’ll see Monte Sant’Angelo, the highest mountain of the Amalfi Coast, just in front of you. The path of the Gods lays just underneath it… but on the other side of the mountain!

Castellammare di Stabia – Via Nocera station

After around 40 mins get off the train at Castellammare di Stabia – Via Nocera station. Ask inside the station where you can find the SITA bus to Agerola and if the ticket is still good (beware, they could try to scam you with the tourist ticket, ask if you must buy it or continue with the one you have from Naples). Outside the train station go along via Giuseppe Cosenza up to crossroad with Viale Europa, then turn left along it. 30m and you should find the SITA bus sign. If in any difficulty ask locals for directions, better elderly people. Sometime this sign disappear, sometime they change the route and you won’t find any advice or warning.
From Castellammare di Stabia, is a hill climbing up to Agerola. Quite tough for people suffering from motion sickness*.


Your journey on how to get to the path of the gods from Rome is at half way. You are at the trail of the Gods starting point: Bomerano. All the amenities you could need to face the path are here. Well, quite all, for sure food and beverages, bars and toilets. If you need the toilet go into a bar and buy something. A coffee will suffice but, please, do not ask for toilet for free. It is so bad-mannered. Wear your damn shirt, you are not at the beach and no one cares about your ripped body. At least not if you are not selling it for a reasonable price.
If you don’t have one, you should buy a small bottle of water. It will help you along the path of the Gods (because of the path face south, could be really hot during sunny days).

If you need a description of the path I think you have to read this article about the reasons why you should hire a local guide to walk along the path of the Gods.

Once in Nocelle you have the three options:


reach main road between Amalfi and Sorrento by foot: walk down to Arienzo, a neighborhood of Positano, where you’ll find the main road and the SITA bus stop from Amalfi to Sorrento. But brace yourself, about 1.700 steps lay between Nocelle and Arienzo, your knees and ankles could ask you a day off after that 😉 Just 100m at the end of the path of the Gods you’ll arrive at a cross junction, there is also a public fountain there with fresh drinkable water, keep going down after some steps (“some steps” in Positano means around one hundred) you’ll reach the church of Maria SS. del Carmelo.

Having the sea in front of you on your right side there are… “the steps” (read it in your mind with Morgan Freeman’s voice, interesting, isn’t it? :D). Go down up to the asphalt road. The SITA bus stop to Sorrento lays on the mountain side of the road. Remember that you can’t buy tickets on the bus.


continue to Montepertuso hamlet: at the fountain above described, keep right and walk along the concrete path, in less than 700m you’ll reach the asphalt road. From here, keeping the seaside on your left, in about 1.300m you’ll arrive in Montepertuso (means mountain with a hole in italian, Monte Gambera is the name). Be careful with two things: 1. fast local pilots 2. pay attention where your feet are placed, holes on both sides of the road are not uncommon and, for sure, you prefer a picture of the Path of the Gods instead of an x-ray for dislocation as a memory of the hike. Once in Montepertuso you can take steps up to Liparlati neighborhood (via Gradoni, just before the mechanic). Once on the asphalt road again in Liparlati neighborhood, the SITA bus stop lays on the mountain side of the road [tickets!].


reach the Nocelle bus stop (local buses, orange or white) and catch one to go downtown Positano: as above, along the concrete path, just after a grocery (lay on left side) you’ll see stone steps on the right, keep it and after some steps (do not forget, “some steps” in Positano means around one hundred, 109 in this case if I recall correctly) you’ll arrive in the parking, keep going on the asphalt road, after 30m you’ll see a yellow sign with the timetable. You can buy ticket in the grocery above mentioned or on the bus (more expensive). If you are lucky, you could also enjoy a lemon slush just at the bus stop (Raffaele, a local, do it). Ask the driver to let you hop off at Bar Internazionale/Chiesa Nuova stop. Here you’ll find the SITA bus stop to Sorrento (always mountain side of the road).

How to get to the path of the gods from Rome - SITA busesCatch the SITA bus to Sorrento up to the end of the trip. Beware, some of the bus rides to Sorrento are longer than others, pay attention at the timetables. Catching the Circumvesuviana it’s an easy peasy step, I wouldn’t invest my time stopping in Piano di Sorrento or Meta, I’d stick into the bus up the end. The Circumvesuviana station is just in front of the last bus stop. There is a news-stand at the ground floor of the station but also the ticket seller at the first floor. Napoli Stazione Centrale is the second to last stop of the Circumvesuviana. From there you have only to take the stairs to the ground floor, where the trains tracks are. Double check the track and catch the train to Rome, Termini or Tiburtina according to your needs.

Now you just need to wake up and go hiking the path of the gods!

Did you find this post about how to get to the path of the gods from Rome an easy to follow guide? Do you think these information need improvements? Why don’t you just let know? Drop me a line or write in the comment, I’ll improve it.

Some last thoughts:

While this how to get to the path of the gods from Rome guide is for DIY travellers, so I hope with experience, I’d like to add some other tips or thoughts.
You must wear good walking shoes and bring water.
Although the walk of the Gods starts in Bomerano and finishes in Nocelle you can cut the walk short (Praiano or San Domenico). It’s up to you, but do not forget the steps from the path of the Gods to these places. Enough also for locals.
You can stop for lunch in Nocelle even if it wouldn’t my first choice.
People here are still easy to talk. If you think you get lost just ask how to get to the path of the gods to Nocelle.

Keep in mind that while this is a well-frequented hike, doable by a wide range of people and the means of transportation works properly, a local authorized guide, a professional one with experience, can easily solve every problem you’d face, like saving yourself the time and potential headache of finding and taking the right buses.

Prices and timetable were checked and valid at the time of writing. Double check these informations with the operator or hire a local guide who’ll be happy to help you figure out.

Note on motion sickness:

many motion sickness medications will leave you, as side effect, with dizziness. Don’t be dumb, doing the path of the Gods with dizziness? steep stairs, vertical drop of more than 100m, slippery passages under dizziness?

PS: if you understand you screwed on how to get to the path of the gods from Rome, try my Plan C.