Path of the gods reopened (from a post of Ruth Peake)



Today the Path of the Gods was officially re-opened following its “closure” by the local authorities last November when part of it collapsed after heavy rain. 
I say “closure” for two reasons:
– firstly, it was never ever really closed. There was never a proper barrier to prevent people passing and even the official notices were affixed as discreetly as possible, almost as an apology.There was no control. The distinct impression was that “yes, it is risky, however we have done our bit by putting up a little notice and a bit of red tape, so if you do have an accident, you only have yourself to blame, and you won’t get a cent from us”.
– secondly, although tour companies and truly professional guides  respected the ban, adapting other itineraries which enabled their customers […] as courtesy to the original poster you can continue to read on her blog