Path of the Gods Bus Timetables Updated ( 12 June – 10 September 2017)

If you wonder at what time will be the bus from amalfi to path of the gods this is the right place. I know, I’m late. The new bus to path of the Gods timetables are on line. Please refer here and do not forget to double check these informations by yourself. These timetables are mainly to help you to reach the path of the Gods from all the Amalfi Coast and Surrentine Peninsula. Please let me know if something doesn’t work. Please keep in mind these timetables are only valid for a limited time range. I know, this is a copy and paste of previous post… damn it! I know, I mean… jeez are timetables!

  1. Robin Semple
    I read closely your initial comments on self guided hike. Fortunately (retrospectively) we got on the wrong bus in Positano, getting off at Nocelle. From there, we went backwards from the directions given from Bomorano. Now that we have done the hike, I can honestly say that starting at Nocelle was likely much easier route. The uphill from Nocelle was much more reasonable with less height of each step vs what we encountered later. Path was marked clearly until 2/3 from Nocelle end. Last marker we saw was 9. One of the visitors we encountered said they started at # 15. Somehow we must've gotten off track as we stopped seeing the red dots which seemed to note we were on The Path. After the goat field, at the water station with markers for Nocelle going in 1 direction and Praiano the opposite, we followed Praiano arrow. Shortly thereafter we came upon tracks likely for grape harvest? Anyway, we used them as hand guides, heading downward. We ended up in the northern portion of Praiano. It took ~2.5 hrs (and we are aerobicqlly fit having lived in Colorado at high altitudes). It worked out well for us but we encountered many visitors who were struggling both opposing and along the way. I have read in several things that stated this was an easy hike. I would rate it as intermediate. For several folks, turning around may have been shameful on an "easy" hike. We met 2 couples traveling together, one of whom gave out within the first 1/4 of hike. They ended up splitting up as the other couple was unwilling to stop. Now that we have done this hike, thinking about if we'd been on the correct route to Bomerano, it would have been much longer. I think getting out at Praiano should definitely be stressed as a good alternative. For many Americans, we cannot afford such a trip until we are older. If we had been living at sea level, it would have been a struggle for us also. Altitude change was never mentioned in any of the articles we read. Although I am sounding like a complainer, it was He best thing we have done here. I want the same kind of experience for others who visit without having to hire a guide. This is a beautiful place and I hope mor people have the opportunity to experience it.
    • Amalfi Coast Insider
      Ciao Robin, I think Bomerano to Nocelle is the best option. Slowly go down (from 650m asl to 450m asl) with best view in front of you ;) First part of the path you did to Praiano have a lot of steps that a lot of people could hate... at leaste their knees :D