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Mail problem

For some technical issue I didn’t receive most of mails of the last weeks. Sorry for delays, inconveniences and troubles. If you need mail again. Thanks.

Path of the Gods Bus Timetables Updated ( 12 June – 10 September 2017)

If you wonder at what time will be the bus from amalfi to path of the gods this is the right place. I know, I’m late. The new bus to path of the Gods timetables are on line. Please refer here and do not forget to double check these informations by yourself. These timetables are mainly to help you to reach the path of the Gods from all the Amalfi Coast and Surrentine Peninsula. Please let me know if something doesn’t work. Please keep in mind these timetables are only valid for a limited time range. I know, this is a copy and paste of previous post… damn it! I know, I mean… jeez are timetables!