How to get to path of the gods from Positano (with buses – east to west)

…from every place in Positano, by a local insider guide.

How to get to path of the gods from Positano Are you stuck finding the way to reach the path of the Gods “Sentiero degli dei” starting point in Bomerano (Agerola )? not willing to spend a fortune on a private transfer? No more pain, stay cool, this is the definitive guide, step by step, to reach the walk of the Gods without hassles.

Did you know that more than 1/3 of DIY sunday hikers get stuck trying to figure out which are the correct connections to Piazza Capasso? I know, unbelievable. By the way, Piazza Capasso is the starting point of the path of the Gods from east. Fortunately for these people locals are still gently enough to give you right directions and hints. With this guide you’d be able to find the right way on how to get to path of the gods from Positano.

So, quit the chit-chat, it’s time that we got down to the crux of the matter. Wherever are you located in Positano and wants to do the path of the Gods from east to west, without a private transfer, you have to catch some buses. First tip: if you have ever seen a stuffed SITA bus I don’t have to remember you that the first you get to the bus stop the better. Otherwise chances to remain outside the bus are quite common. Be smart, wake up early. No, alarm set at 09:30 isn’t early 😛 .

How to get to path of the gods from Positano:

DOWNTOWN Positano:

If you stay downtown Positano, near the beach to be clear, the best option is to reach “La Sponda” SITA bus stop. Walking along the asphalt road, is 500m of smooth walk from piazza dei Mulini, the main square where the pedestrian walk to the beach encounters the asphalt road. While walking keep the seaside on your right. If the sea lays on your left two possibilities: first, you are going to Fornillo’s neighbourhood; second, you are walking backwards. In the second case you can continue to walk up the crossroad. (can buy ticket in the bars, in the tobacco shop or the news-stand).

CHIESA NUOVA neighbourhood:

If you stay in Chiesa Nuova neighbourhood, near the Bar Internazione crossroad to downtown, the best option could be the “Chiesa Nuova” SITA bus stop. Just in front of the Bar Internazionale (can buy ticket in the bar or in the tobacco shop). Probably, surely you have to go trough stairs.

FORNILLO neighbourhood:

If you stay in Fornillo neighbourhood, near the grotto with the small houses , the best option could be the “Chiesa Nuova” SITA bus stop, as above. You can follow the asphalt road going up to the Bar Internazionale crossroad (about 1km), you could get the steps, but I won’t reccomend because you could get confused quite easily.


If you stay in Montepartuso or Nocelle, the “on-the-mountains-neighbourhoods” you have to reach the SS163, the main road from Positano to Amalfi. You could get the town bus (orange or white one) and drop off at “fiume della noce” bus stop if you have tickets for SITA buses or in Chiesa Nuova/Bar Internazionale if you haven’t. There is also another option, stairs, only if you have tickets and only if you feel really brave. From Nocelle is about 1.500 steps… onethousandfivehundredsteps! The SITA bus stop is in Arienzo. Same same in Montepertuso, less steps, around 700 and the bottom is in Liparlati. The bus stop just in front last step of the stair.

You can’t buy tickests on board, get before, better a day in advance. You won’t fight against the fact that in the first morning some locals still sleeps. Bars or news-stands are still closed at 08:30.

Catch the bus to Amalfi from one of these bus stop. All the above stops lay on the road side facing the sea and the bus goes to Amalfi having the sea on the right. Once inside the bus relax, if you can, and enjoy the panorama. Remember that a local professional guide can explain a lot of what you see during the trip from Positano to Bomerano. So you can spend some interesting time while reaching the Path of the Gods from Positano.

After 35 minutes (the bus usually take 50 minutes from Positano to Amalfi), check if you are late for your coincidence and choose wisely:

Option 1 (get off at Agerola/Positano/Amalfi crossroads, if you are late)

After Conca – Grotta dello Smeraldo, before Amalfi, lays the crossroad to Agerola, check your watch and the timetable. From here you’ll spend 5-8 minutes to reach the SITA bus station in Amalfi. If there is a chanche you’d miss the bus to Bomerano (Agerola)… you will (Murphy’s first law, “If anything can go wrong, it will”). Ask the driver to stop at the crossroad and wait the bus to Agerola – Bomerano. Bus stop is on the mountain side of the road going up.

Pay attention, this is the most insidious part, you can miss the bus, because it came from a sharp curve. You won’t see it coming, the drivers are participating to the selections for next Ferrari pilot. They drive at breakneck speed. SITA bus will stop on request, shake your arms to get attention! Feel lost at the crossroad? just ask the bar owner how to get to path of the Gods from Positano. Well, from there 😀

Option 2 (get off at Amalfi SITA bus station)

If you are on time (get always 10-15 minutes for emergencies: traffic jam, toilet needed and so on) you can simply enjoy the last part of the trip to Amalfi. Once there just drop off your Positano to Amalfi SITA bus and ask which one is the bus to Agerola – Bomerano. Once you find it drop on and gently ask the driver to inform you where to drop off for the path of the Gods. Usually they use to yell it “Sentieeeeeroooo” but asking is better. After 40 minutes of neverending narrow bends you’ll reach the edge of the cliff, Agerola. Bomerano bus stop is just the third one, a couple of minutes or less after the edge.

Drop off and turn left up a road for 200m (the same direction the bus was going before the turns) to the main square, Piazza Capasso. After a car park, that lays on your left, you’ll arrive and the place is full of amenities like groceries, bars, bakery, even a public drinkable fountain. A perfect spot to get a coffee, have a pee-stop, buy, or refill, a bottle of fresh water.

Once ready to go look underneath the hotel Gentile (at the left side of the church) there is a crossroad. Follow the narrow road going down left, out of Capasso square a quite invisibile signs on the left wall indicates Via Pennino, while the CAI red/white sign indicates 327.

Descends the road, pass under a bridge and, after about 250m, you’ll face some concrete and stone steps. At the bottom of the stair turn right over a tiny footbridge. Climb this last stair of concrete steps up and reach the asphalt road. Turn left and go along the asphalt road for about 450m. Compliments, you just reached the starting point of the path of the gods!

Keep the sea side on your left and you’ll reach safely Nocelle.

So, to summarise:

  • Buy SITA tickets;
  • walk up to the SITA bus stop in Positano;
  • catch the bus up to Agerola/Amalfi/Positano crossroad or up to Amalfi SITA bus station;
  • get the bus to Bomerano (Agerola);
  • ask the driver to tell you the nearest starting point of path of the gods (Sentiero degli Dei);
  • drop off at the stop;
  • walk 600m, take your time to relax, refill and buy some food;
  • enjoy the path.

Now you just need to wake up and go to hike the path of the gods! Is this post an easy-peasy to follow guide?

Do you think these information need improvements? Why don’t you just let know? Write in the comment, I’ll improve it.

Some last tought:

  • You must wear good walking shoes and bring water.
  • Although this walk starts in Bomerano and finishes in Nocelle you can cut the walk short (Praiano or San Domenico). It’s up to you, but do not forget the steps from the path of the Gods to these places. Enough also for locals 😉
  • You can stop for lunch in Nocelle and catch the local bus down to Positano.
  • People here are still easy to talk. If you get lost just ask how to get to path of the gods from Positano.
  • Keep in mind that while this is a well frequented hike, easily doable by a wide range of people and the means of transportation works properly a local authorized guide, a professional one with experience, can easily solve every problem you’d face, like saving yourself the time and potential headache of finding and taking the buses.

  1. Dana Lally
    We will be staying in Sorrento and would like to do some great hikes on the coast. Path of the Gods is on or list, but unsure of best way to access the trailhead without a car. You mention in a post about taking a boat. How do we do that and what is the recommended way to get back and forth between Sorrento and the trail?
    • Amalfi Coast Insider
      Ciao Dana, let me see, from Sorrento you have more than a couple of choices: 1 you can catch the SITA bus to Amalfi, then another SITA bus to Bomerano (cheap, around 5.0€, but stressful); 2 you can catch the SITA bus to Amalfi, then another SEA bus to Bomerano (cheap, around 9.0€, less stressful); 3 get a private transfer from Sorrento directly to Bomerano (quite expensive, around €120); 4 get the boat from Sorrento to Amalfi (around €20) then a SITA or SEA bus (1.80€/7.00€) or private transfer (last time asked me €80 ) to Bomerano; The best way to do the path of the gods is to start from Bomerano, so East-West. These because you have the best panorama just in front of you, and if you set in the morning you have the sun behind you. So, start in Bomerano, finishing in Positano, catch a boat there to Sorrento. If you start directly from Sorrento SITA bus station you can get the bus, but only because you can find seats otherwise you have to stand for 90mins of narrow curves. No way even for locals. For sure you will find some difficulties in Amalfi to find a seats in the SITA bus to Bomerano. My thought on private transfer is: it depends on how many of you are, I mean if you are six of you, for example, you can share the price of a private transfer, it would be €20 per person from Sorrento to Bomerano (one way). Private van, AC, starts at the time you prefer... it isn't properly a big deal but surely will be more comfortable. To avoid the traffic jam along the Amalfi Coast (even plus 2hrs on your scheduled timetable) there is another option: get the local train/bus or private transfer to Bomerano from Naples side. It isn't the same panorama but you will not stuck in the traffic. Train/BUS:You have to catch the local train (circumvesuviana) to Castellammare and then and then a bus (SITA) to Bomerano. With private transfer it is around one hour, with the bus around two/two and half hours. (To preserve the usability of these pages I'll move this reply in the FAQ section or in the in Guestbooka couple of months)