Insider’s guide on how to get to path of the Gods from Positano

How to get to path of the Gods from Positano

I just uploaded this first version of the guide on how to get to path of the Gods from Positano. I spent a couple of hours repeating in my mind every route to reach the bus stops. Hoping everything is clear and you’ll be able to follow the indications. Inside you’ll find directions on how to reach the bus stops from the various neighborhoods. A Google map with the bus stop is also included. Please let me know what do you think and if something could be improved.

  1. Erin
    Hello, We are planning on taking the ferry from Positano - Amalfi, and then catching the bus to Bomerano from Amalfi. My question is whether it is possible to buy the SITA bus tickets from Amalfi to Bomerano in Positano or whether we need to wait until we arrive in Amalfi. I would like to buy the bus tickets the day before as you advised, if at all possible. Also, are the bus timetables you have posted up to date? We will be traveling in early May. Thank you!
    • Amalfi Coast Insider
      Absolutely possible! tobacconists, bars and some groceries have the ticket. If you get more than 3 buses probably it is cheaper to buy the tourist ticket valid for 24 hrs. Timetables are usually up to date. (To preserve the usability of these pages I'll move this reply in the FAQ section or in the Guestbook in about a couple of months)