Bus, Amalfi to path of the gods

Bus Amalfi to path of the gods. Basic informations on how to move from point a to point b. This is one of the most frequent question from you. I’m going to satisfy all your needs writing some posts about how to move around the Amalfi Coast to reach the path of the Gods. This one, obviously, it’s about the buses from Amalfi to Bomerano, the hamlet of Agerola where the trail of the Gods begins.

I’m assuming you are in Amalfi, if you are in another town… you must reach it. So, you are in Amalfi now, just go straight to look at the sea, you can see two piers (if you can’t, you are not in Amalfi) and behing you lays the Flavio Gioia’s statue, just turn right and go in the direction of the pier where you can catch a boat to Positano, Sorrento, Capri, Salerno. You can’t miss it, the bus station is full of SITA buses painted in three main colors: blue, red, gray and green. The blues are the oldest, gray and green “middle aged”, red are the newest.

Usually drivers set the destination name just a couple of minutes before departure, try to ask which one is for Bomerano, sometimes these pilots use to correctly inform you, depends at what time you ask and how crowded was yesterday 😀

All the timetables that can help you are here while the timetable for the buses from Amalfi to the path of the Gods can be found here.

This map below describes where in Amalfi is located the SITA bus station. Finding bus Amalfi to path of the gods is an easy walk. Points of reference to find it are the pier to Salerno, Sorrento, Positano, Capri and Piazza Flavio Gioia (the compass rediscoverer ).

Bus amalfi to path of the gods: a simple map that helps you finding the bus station.

Map of Amalfi, detail of pier and SITA bus station

So, where you’ll find bus from Amalfi to path of the gods?

Keeping Flavio Gioia’s statue behind you just go on your right, keep the seaside on your left and in 30/45 seconds you’ll arrive: the bus from amalfi to path of the gods are here!

You could also consider a private transfer which is more expensive but tailored on your desire.