Updating stuff and a thought.

Hi all,
I just finished to update Google maps of the path of the Gods, I mean the code in the pages.
Someone of you pointed that so I spent a couple of hours to update. Let me know if something is not working.

While most of the request about the trail of the Gods are for self guided tour, and I usually replay to each question, I always try to push hiring a local guide. I’m not advertising someone in particular (one of these days I could change my mind but it will be very clear why I’m putting his/her name on this site) but if you miss the opportunity to hear local history, lore, recipes and anecdotes you miss a life lasting memory.

UPDATE: as I mentioned in the pages you shouldn’t mustn’t follow the Google maps for the walk of the Gods you find here, in fact I just discovered that updates in GMaps changed some waypoint. I’ll do my best to resync this data to the reality ASAP.