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On the path:
Autumn (fall) is here, rainy days will be more than sunny ones so take care about yourself: the path could be slippery, especially in these first days of rain. Look at weather forecast just before hiking, not four days before, wear right gear and use common sense.

On the website:
I’ve just finished the “back office” job, as you can see it seems the same stuff… it isn’t. It is “same same but different”! I’m working now on the FAQ section, I’m harvesting questions inside thousands of mail received in the last 5 years, I’ll update that section around once for week.

  1. Hi I have been searching for hiking distances from various sites going east from Amalfi to Positano...with no luck. Can you direct me to where I should look? Thanks Bob
    • Amalfi Coast Insider
      Hi Bob, unfortunately isn't easy. The main paths on the Amalfi Coast, managed by CAI (Italian Alpine Club), are on restyling, remapping, rebuilding so good maps aren't avalaible or, at least, aren't updated since... I think 80's! At the moment I'm in Jordan, can't help so much. By the way, from Amalfi you could take the "Via Maestra dei villaggi" to Pogerola (~5km) , then from here to Agerola (S. Lazzaro) via Monte Murillo is about 6/7km as I can recall. I'm sorry, but at the moment this is what I can do from here ;) Enjoy your hike!