Monthly archives: October 2015

What the FAQ!

After some time spent reading old mails from hikers, tourists, travelers and curious people about every aspect about the path of the Gods, I talked to myself, have to admit was a really fast chat, and I said something like that:
“you should share the most asked question”
“yes, indeed”
“ok, let’s do it”.

As a local professional guide a professional way to write these information should be the only valid method preferred method to do it, then I thought writing about the path of the Gods in a funny way, straight fact with congeniality, could be more enjoyable.

George Berkeley wrote “It is natural for careless writers to run into faults they never think of”, as a native of  the Amalfi Coast I usually take care about these lands so I’ll try do my best to build the finest and most reliable FAQ on the path of the Gods. If you ever find some typos, unreliable informations please let me know, I’ll fix the mistake asap.

I’ll publish FAQ page next week one of these days and then update when new question will pop-up. Oh, by the way, while I prefer an old fashion simple graphic probably I’ll use some ajax, html5, java drop-down stuff, if with your terminal (mobile, tablet, notebook) you’d encounter something wrong… you know, please drop me an email.


Just some information

On the path:
Autumn (fall) is here, rainy days will be more than sunny ones so take care about yourself: the path could be slippery, especially in these first days of rain. Look at weather forecast just before hiking, not four days before, wear right gear and use common sense.

On the website:
I’ve just finished the “back office” job, as you can see it seems the same stuff… it isn’t. It is “same same but different”! I’m working now on the FAQ section, I’m harvesting questions inside thousands of mail received in the last 5 years, I’ll update that section around once for week.