Monthly archives: December 2013

My Path of the Gods hike

As a local guide on the Path of Gods (Sentiero degli Dèi) I can tell everyone that it’s a beautiful walk along the Amalfi Coast.

Every day the path seems different and guiding customers from all over the world makes me happy and relaxed. I meet lots of people and they all love what I tell them about the land I live in.

For me the Path of Gods is beautiful at every time and it’s not only about nature and beautiful views: there’s lots of history about this magic land and sometimes the walk looks like a gothic novel, fog and goats all over but when fog goes away, the sun shines and you have a great view of the coast till Capri Island.

Lots of writers fell in love with this walk, one of those was D.H. Lawrence, “Is this the view” he wrote “that from on high along the Path of the Gods, opens to our sight: it is the picture of the great loop of the Amalfi coastline that looks towards the west, towards the Island of Capri, that precipitous coast, steamy, hot, with the crystalline mountains where the gods of today are forsaken and you find a lost self again. Mediterranean, before you”.

No better words could describe the walk along the Path of Gods and every time I show my customers the beauty of this walk, I feel lucky to live here.. where the sky ends into the sea and your eyes can’t capture the difference.