The cat of the Gods

About a month ago, I was walking with a family on the Path of the Gods and we found a beautiful black kitten.

It was a black cat with magnetic yellow eyes and we started petting it. Five minutes later, the kitten was following us mewing and eating lizards. I was a bit confused: the cat was acting like a dog and even if other people on the path tried to give him food (it was a male) he didn’t care and went on..he followed us to Nocelle, after 6 km walking.

I thought to adopt the kitten but I went to Positano and, when I arrived by night in Nocelle, the cat was gone!

Two weeks later, I brought my nephew to a friend’s Party. As soon as I entered the door a cat mewed while walking towards me: it was the beautiful black kitten with magnetic yellow eyes!

I was surprised and happy. The new owners were a lovely family who found the cat on the 1750 steps that from Nocelle go to Arienzo (another district of Positano). The cat had been bitten by two wild dogs and nearly died when he was found, the family brought him to the vet and saved his life!
Yesterday, I decided to take the 1750 steps to Nocelle. I heard a cat mewing and it was him, walking on wall towards me. I decided to take some pictures and write about this incredible story.
I don’t remember the name given to the cat but for me he will always be “The cat of the Gods”.