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What the FAQ!

After some time spent reading old mails from hikers, tourists, travelers and curious people about every aspect about the path of the Gods, I talked to myself, have to admit was a

Just some information

On the path: Autumn (fall) is here, rainy days will be more than sunny ones so take care about yourself: the path could be slippery, especially in these first days of rain.

Concert on the path of the Gods!

The sounds of the Gods ( I suoni degli Dèi ) What: Concert of J.S. Bach, Philip Glass, Jean Françaix When: tomorrow 23rd of september @ 10:45 (10:45 AM) Where: Colle Serra

News of the week

Some stupid tried to set fire along the path, five times in the last week. FIVE TIMES! The path is absolutely intact. In the last weeks I’ve been really busy but I

I’m back!

So sorry, I’m mortified about this unexcused absence and this lack of updates. It was a strenuous year. In these days you could experience some downtime or some errors, I’m changing some

Italian version, still working on it.

I’m trying to do my best but (Un)fortunately I have so much work that at the moment I can’t upload the italian versione of the site. I’m sorry, I’ll try my best